Can't add subscribers using the HTML forms


New Member
Hi Stan, I'm trying to get the subscribe pages to work, but failing.

If I go to /subscribe_single_fixed.php I can input details, then when I click subscribe, I get a redirect, then the page refreshes with no data in the fields. Nothing gets added to the only list in the manager.

I found a possible fix within these forums, and changed line 32 of the subscribe_single_fixed.php to include the full url of the page, but I then got a weird result:

The subscription windows appears lots and lots and LOTS of times on the page (20-30 times) with the following error message at the bottom of the page:

Resource Limit Is Reached. The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

I have actually tried installing MLM on two different servers, on both I run into the same problem.

What should I provide you with so you might be able to help?