burst mode does rotation yet ?

I am interested in using burst mode because I have 10 eSMTP accounts but not entirely sure how burst mode works.

For instance, does it rotate round the accounts in the list ?

For example, if I have 10 accounts listed, and set connections to 10 ?

Does that do what I want i.e. produce 1 connection per account ?

My goal is to send very mails per account in any given time period. Say 10 emails a minute from one account.

But then get some volume by using 10 accounts, hence sending 100 total emails a minute.
Oh I see now.

If I list 10 SMTP accounts, but only 3 connections, it only uses the first 3 SMTP accounts in the entire send.

Rotation is really needed. But I see this feature was on the todo list back in 2013 so I guess I shouldn't be holding my breath.

Time to look at other products. Can't live without rotation.