Bug Report: Question mark black boxes appearing in sql query


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A bug was introduced to Max Bulk Mailer sometime after v8.4.4 whereby question mark black boxes are appearing in the sql query box for importing lists from a remote database on Mac OS X. The black boxes thus break the sql query and cause an sql query error when trying to import from the remote database. The bug is definitely present in the v8.6.x branch up to v.8.6.6. See the attached screen grab for an illustration of the problem.

The query that causes the problem is as follows:

SELECT mail, uid, timestamp, hash, expire_hash FROM (
  SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP() as timestamp, u.mail, u.uid,
    md5(concat(u.mail,u.pass)) as hash,
    md5(concat(u.mail,u.pass,u.login,UNIX_TIMESTAMP())) as expire_hash
  FROM `users` u
  LEFT JOIN `profile` p ON u.uid = p.uid AND p.type = 'email_preferences'
  INNER JOIN `field_data_field_profile_email_preferences` ep ON ep.entity_id = p.pid AND ep.field_profile_email_preferences_value = 0 AND ep.deleted = 0) a;
To reproduce this problem in Mac OS X:
1. Open Maxbulk Mailer and choose to import from a remove database.
2. Copy and paste the above query into the query field.
3. Save or update the preset as some-name.
4. Cancel the import.
5. Choose to import from a remote database and select the preset some-name.
6. The black boxes should appear within the query code.

- Manually entering/typing the query produces the same results.
- Placing the query on a single line (no tab or return chars) produces the same results.
- This problem does not affect Windows versions of Max Bulk Mailer.
- The bug does not affect v8.4.4 for Mac OS.


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Re: Bug Report: Question mark black boxes appearing in sql q

Interesting. Could you write the query in that field, then copy the code and paste it to a BBEdit document? It is to get exactly the same as you.

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Re: Bug Report: Question mark black boxes appearing in sql q

Hi Stan,

Thanks for the prompt reply. It looks like there are three things causing the problem: space characters, return characters, and single quote marks.

I'm attaching three txt files in a rar and a screenshot.

1. query1.txt
This file contains spaces after return characters

2. query2.txt
This file contains no spaces after return characters

3. query3_curly-single-quote.txt
This file contains singles quotes that are turned into curly quotes when written into Maxbulk. See the screenshot for an illustration.

The three above queries all produce black boxes, but do so in slightly different ways; they are variations on the same problem/bug.