Bug Report (Mac and Windows)


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Any kind of dredging is causing the program to fill the default rules and current file rules with many copies of the same set of factory rules. I have verified this issue with both Mac and Windows in attempting to dredge 10k emails in both Mac mail and then exporting to a text file and attempting to dredge a text file in Windows.

This same issue is causing the program to operate very slow and hang up upon closing and re-opening..


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It is weird because there is no relation between the rule creation and dredging. I really wonder why that happens to you :-/


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Where are the default preferences stored in Mac and in Windows? All I need to do is delete them back to factory default. I know there is a button to do it in the app, but my mac will no longer even open the app, it just eats 100% CPU attempting to open, even leaving it running for hours..


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Okay, to replicate it exactly, maybe it is actually another function that is causing it.

It appears it could be after dredging..

I am adding one custom rule.

Subject "remove" then get the sender.

Then I go to Dredge..

After dredging I go to export, select email only, and check the box on the bottom to clear out the records.. I believe that may be when it is replicating the rules..