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Er is iets fout gegaan bij mijn update naar MacOS Catalina en de update van Icash, zodat mijn bestanden verdwenen leken. Ik heb ze intussen gevonden, maar ik zou de cijferreeksen graag hernoemen in 'Privé' en 'Zakelijk' zoals het geval was.
Is dit mogelijk zonder de Bestanden te verliezen?
Something went wrong with my update to MacOS Catalina and Icash's update so my files seemed to be gone. I have found them by now, but I would like to rename the series of numbers to 'Private' and 'Business' as was the case.
Is it possible without losing the Files?


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The iCash File Manager window is just displaying the files you have opened recently, it is a copy of the 'Recent Documents' menu. When a file disappear it doesn't mean it has been deleted from your computer. It was just deleted from the list. Your iCash documents remain on the same exact place where you originally created them. Just locate them, change their names and double click on them.

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