Balance-Charts of Forex Account


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Say, my base currency is EUR.

I set up a forex account (say for USD or CZK) and add a transaction to so it has a positive balance.

When I now open the Charts-View and set it to "Balance" for that account. I would expect to see the fluctuation in forex value in the graph - which I don't because it's just a line based on todays currency value.

Is it planned that balances of foreign currency accounts are calculated and shown correctly in diagrams in the future?


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Well, let's assume you've bought 150 of USD for 100 EUR 3 years ago.
Let's further assume the change in forex weight by:
1st: 1,5/1 USD/EUR
2nd: 1,25/1 USD/EUR
3rd: 1,1/1 USD/EUR

I would expect the balance chart to go like...

Year 1 - Year 2 - Year 3
€ 100 - € 120 - € 136,36

Right now, when I have a look at the chart with current exchange rate between USD/EUR (for example) I just see following graph:

Year 1 - Year 2 - Year 3
€ 136,36 - € 136,36 - € 136,36

The calculation of balance or graph-calculation does not respect the change of currency rate (and therefore the change of the true balance of my finances) over time - or am I doing something wrong?


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iCash currency handling is limited to purchase transaction, when you purchase goods or services in another currency, that's all! There is no investments, stock, forex portfolio handling. If you want that, it is a feature request and I am listening :)

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