Autocomplete in Comment field


Hi Stan, for several months now that you have updated the way of autocompletion inside the "comment" field, I have been heavily struggling to use it, and from very friendly this field is now a dreaded one by picking up stuff and forgetting what I have just entered or edited.

I also understand this feature might be a useful improvement for some users, otherwise you would not have done it.

My suggestion: Could you add an option in the preferences, switching ON/OFF autocompletion on Comments (the existing switch "Activate Transaction Auto-completion" has no effect on this)

Still very happy with this software :D


Staff member
Ok, just make sure, what are you missing? I mean what is the difference between previous version and current one. I ask because we rewrite all the transaction entry panel and maybe we made a mistake somewhere.

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Hi Stan! My problem, for example:

- I duplicate a record
- I want to add "Tax on " at the beginning of the comment field of the duplicated record.
- Since I have a lot of "Tax on .... " comments in the database, the rest of the record (that I absolutely want to keep) disappears and some other text is proposed. Quite annoying indeed.

This also happens if I edit a comment's record and the first part of the text is available somewhere else, then autocompletion kicks-in inside the "comment" field and removes the rest of text, replacing it with another (random) one.

As I said, the simplest would be to have a switch to disable ALL autocompletion in the comment field. Would be a relief :D

Thanks again or your great support.