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apply value to selection


New Member
In managing names and tracking values related to list records there appears to be key features that I was hoping ( and preying) may be in this code. I realize this is not filemaker or 4D, but this would really help.

Number One - mission critical:

Ability to apply a value to records in the current selection to a specific field. It appears that this is only possible with the tag "sent/not sent"

This would enable the user to manage aspects of their mailing list that are critical to customization and list management - I realize this is not meant to be a list manager - but for example, in a field called "Mail Ref" I would normally combine values that track mailings sent to the recipients. This enables the user to sort and/or search for records that did or did not receive a specific mailing. Applying a value to the field in your current selection makes that easy to do. there are many other applications to this logic should this capability exit in the code.javascript:emoticon(':roll:')

Q: therefore- is it really not possible to apply a value to a field in the list?

number two - Is the preference pane really specific to the individual list and not global? That makes merging and combining lists a problematicjavascript:emoticon(':?')


Staff member
With number one you mean MaxBulk Mailer placing a value in a column at delivery time? If so, what kind of value?

About number two, Preferences are global, settings are per documents.


New Member
tags - list management

Actually Stan what I am referring to is being able to append values to a field, that your program calls "TAGS" which by default displays as OPT1,2,3, etc.

We were rushed to get our first promo out, and now that I understand your architecture better, I am thinking should have approached this in a different manner - and perhaps cannot use Max Pro in the manner I was hoping - after all, it is not filemaker or 4D - though it would be great is the user could swet a field to say "business type" and then append "records in selection" in a batch vs individually entering the values as it appears required -



Staff member
You can place any values to the OPT fields. You can also rename them. When you say appending values, can you give me a detailed example?


New Member
example: the current list I am working on has a tag field that contains a value to identify the recipients market segment - eg architect vs developer

naturally, I want to code the email with slightly different positioning depending on the segment

So, lets say that I select records=ARCH, and then set this is a special email with specific coding - and "ship it".

The next management step would be to append the list to add a value, in example "EF1" meaning Eco-framing framing launch email. However, the list is 500 names. I would certainly prefer to to either
a) hunt and peck the 500 to add this value
b) use the value ARCH2, for new "Segment=architect" entries - though that appears the best current 'workaround'

Reconciling list to keep track of who you have sent what to is mission critical from my POV -

this is to some extent similar to being able to select a group of records in Excell and fill a given value to the column to all records in selection

Easy in excell - to my knowledge not possible in Max Pro...

does that clarify an idea list management objective?

your thoughts?

As we have multiple brands and marketing objectives - tracking this is really critical - eg - www.sfimages.com has a different audience from www.eco-framing.com - but they are both integrated and overlap from a set-theory POV

:) javascript:emoticon(':)')

cheers y suerte



Staff member
You can edit several recipients data at once. Just select the recipients to edit and select the 'Edit' menu. You will then be able to set the same value to as many recipients as you need.

At delivery time you can either use conditional statements to modify your message depending on a given column data or use the Quick Selector.


New Member
apply value to range

I selected a group of records and went to the edit menu -

there was no selection in the edit menu that appeared to allow me to edit the values or a apply a value to the selection in a given field

what function in the pull down menu is used for this.

Second point, assuming I can do this, can I set a formula that allows me concatonate the value that is already in the cell with the new value

to add: "ARCH" +current value="Gensler" := "Arch,Gensler

Lastly - I do not suppose there are any search functions built in or hidden somewhere so I can extract records with a certain value in a certain field

....yes I know that is a big askkkkkkk...



Staff member
Just a question, are you using current v5.7.3?

About concatenation, this is not supported yet. About search you can use the 'Edit > Search' menu but if you want to extract data the best is to use the Quick Selector.


New Member
search, concatenation, apply values

yes to 5.7.3
I figured concatenation was not yet possible - would be great

I do not see "Search" as a pull down option under 'Edit' - the other detail previously noted on apply values is also something I have not been able to locate under the Edit menu. I do not think I am blind, but am open to the possibility - is the PC version different? I am using OSX