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about MB update plans


Actually it seems that the last MBM version I can use with my license is 8.4.6, when latest version is 8.6.2
I received several times an email saying I can buy an update plan valid for 1, 2 or 3 years, but there are basically two aspects I didn't understand very well:
1) since I own a valid license for MBM 8.4.6, shouldn't it be valid for latest ver 8.6.3 as well? I assumed that a v8 MBM license should remain valid for all v8 future releases, since they belong to the same MBM main version 8. Isn't it?
2) in case I buy an update plan, what happens if hypothetically a new MBM v9 version is released? Will my license be legitimated to use it or have to buy an upgrade from v8 to v9?


Staff member
It is all explained here: [URL https://www.maxprog.com/site/support/ad ... ade_policy]Are the software updates and support free of charge?[/URL]

There is no such thing as v8 free upgrade and v8 to v9 upgrade. We could have switched to v9 versioning long ago. We prefer to release new versions regularly. Update plans cover a set of versions during a period of time, whatever the major version is.

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