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    Statistics Stalls

    Thank you, this method does work and returns the results instantly. The stats screen from the desktop application still stalls. It did open a set of stats from the last mailing when left unattended for some time, but when asked to switch to another mailing it stalled again. I have found a...
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    Statistics Stalls

    There are no sever errors or errors in the mysql logs. Current Version 8.6 Data is going into DB. Error is in loading of mailing data into maxprog statistic viewer.
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    Statistics Stalls

    I am having a problem with the statistics page loading data. When I select a listed mailing, the little green bar on the right fills and then nothing. I cannot get a further action from the window and it must be closed. The connection to the DB is working. The web db interface works but it is...
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    Maxprog is running but doesn't load .mbm files

    Hello, I too am having the same problem. Started in the last 10 days? Reinstalled 8.5.3 us on Windows 10. It appears to save a .mdm file. When opening a .mdm file it does nothing. It works and sends messages. Also I noticed that the other windows that get opened i.e. history or statistics...