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    MS Windows behavior in Mac version :-(

    The difference between setting focus on a window on a Mac and on a Windows machine is that on a Mac you can click anywhere in the window to get the focus. No action will follow. You need to click again. On Windows, the click will directly cause an action if you click on a button in the windows...
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    iCash crash when adding an attachment

    Th program crashes the moment I click on the "Open". button in the window where I select the file to attach. I don't know if it contains some information you can use, but this is the core dump info: Process: iCash [1841] Path...
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    iCash crash when adding an attachment

    Reindexing does not help. I have macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)
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    iCash crash when adding an attachment

    When I select an attachment the program crashes. Tried to reinstall the previous version (7.6.2) but the data file is too new.
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    Some small issues/remarks after upgrading to 7.5.4

    I didn't realize I could download a new update. Checking the "Search for new versions" in iCash did not come up with a download hint ... I downloaded the update and the last three issues are solved indeed. This issue still remains and is very annoying: I just found another change in behavior...
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    Some small issues/remarks after upgrading to 7.5.4

    Sorry for the late reaction. It's working now. Don't know why I couldn't enter the amount. Next issues I found: 1. When I click on the "Planner" button (Dutch for Scheduler), the window opens in the top left corner. The buttons on that window cannot be seen and I cannot move the window. I had...
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    Some small issues/remarks after upgrading to 7.5.4

    OK, I'll wait until that moment. I found another issue with splitting a Transaction (not working). Do you want me to make a new Topic about it?
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    Some small issues/remarks after upgrading to 7.5.4

    Well, I think I have to get used to it then. It takes me twice the time, because I have to correct the account after entering the transaction. Explanation: I have four accounts, all starting with "ABN-AMRO ", then followed by the account number (which I cannot/do not want to memorize). As said...
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    Some small issues/remarks after upgrading to 7.5.4

    After upgrading to 7.5.4 I have some remarks or issues: In the Transaction window I used to select an account by tab-ing into the field and then use the arrow-down key a fixed number of times to place the focus on the correct amount. Then I use Tab to go to the next input field. The input field...
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    Error with queries?

    When I have an account and booked an transaction, but the transaction is part of a group, then the queries I run for this account go wrong. Example: I have spent €100 on Account A and €50 on Account B. These two transactions are grouped (€150). When I run a query for all expenses on...
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    Attach receipt image to expenses

    It would even be better if you can use the builtin camera to take a picture of the receipt and instantly attach it to the transaction.
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    Eisen aan iCash

    Waarom niet eens downloaden en uittesten? Werkt goed op de Mac. Ik gebruik het al vanaf 2006, maar ben geen boekhouder die weet wat je precies bedoelt. Ik maak allerlei rekeningen aan waar ik op boek, kan een balans maken, zie volgens mij ook resultatenrekening. Wat een ruwe boeking is, weet ik...
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    First Open always crashes on Mavericks

    Since I upgraded (not a fresh install) to Mavericks (10.9.2) iCash always crashes the first time I open a file from the File Manager. When I re-open the program and try to open the file again, it works fine. Any idea why this happens?
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    Cannot open Creditcard account with credit

    At the start of the year I have a credit of €12,50 on one of my creditcards. I try to enter this in the opening, but it keeps setting as -12,50. What am I missing here?
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    Where to put the "banksparen" account

    Thanks Stan. I put it under Assets.