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Recent content by crazylev

  1. C

    Older Statistics gone with new computer upgrade.

    Hi Stan. Thanks. I wish I had known this before installing on new computer. And doing my first mailing on the new computer. I basically did everything manually. Everything works, but now is there anyway to retrieve the Statistics ONLY from the old computer and then import them to the new...
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    Older Statistics gone with new computer upgrade.

    Hi Stan. I just set up a new MacBook Pro with MBM. I copied exactly all my MBM setting and preferences from my old computer to the new one, including settings for MLM. However, when I click on the Statistics button, the window just shows what I have sent since getting the new computer. My old...
  3. C

    Flickering curser in message window.

    I am experiencing something very odd. When I am in the Message window of a MBM document and I move my curser around, the curser seems to flicker on and off or sometimes switches to an I-beam rapidly as I move it. Has anyone else noticed this? This happens no matter what format the message is...
  4. C

    The application “MaxBulk Mailer” can’t be opened.

    Stan, I think there may be confusion as to which new version is which since the version numbers, 8.5.1, are all the same. Maybe an interim number like or something like that.
  5. C

    Blank emails and can't open/find .mbm file

    I am having an issue with MBM not being able to open a MBM document correctly also and I am on a mac, 10.10.5 Here is what is happening: First i noticed all but a few of my MBM doc icons have changed. From the finder, if I double click to open a MBM document and launch MBM, nothing happens. I...
  6. C

    The application “MaxBulk Mailer” can’t be opened.

    I downloaded the dmg and got a strange garbled message about whether or not to open or not. Couldn't read the full warning. I clicked open and then installed as normal. I did have to go into System Prefs>security and privacy to allow the MBM app to be opened the first launch. Launch is much...
  7. C

    MaxBulk Mailer 8.5.1 release

    Stan, this is happening with Yosemite 10.10.5 too. Will your workaround work with that os?
  8. C

    MaxBulk Mailer 8.5.1 release

    I am getting this message also with the new 8.5.1, but I am on Yosemite 10.10.5 Will not launch. I am also on the update plan.
  9. C

    MBM update expiration???

    Hi Stan, I've been getting emails stating that my MBM is expiring and I won't be able to update after a certain date. I thought that once I bought the program, I'd be eligible for updates forever, or at least until some major version change. I have not seen this in all the years I've been...
  10. C

    MBM 8.4.8 and Yosemite

    Any issues with 10.10??? Thanks Jonathan
  11. C

    Bounce Handler is not detecting bounce

    Well I can't figure out what's going on. None of my info has changed. I re-entered everything. Is this something that has to do with my provider? And what would I even ask? I just did an entire mailing without the help of EBH. Thanks. Jonathan
  12. C

    Bounce Handler is not detecting bounce

    I have not changed anything. I even re entered password, user, etc. Is the ERR something that would prevent me from getting bounces? Any idea how to fix this? Thanks. JL
  13. C

    Bounce Handler is not detecting bounce

    I am currently having the same issue. Non of my email bounces are registering in EBH. None of my setting s have changed from a month and a half ago when I last used it. Log file: 6/3 12:00:43 ~ Status: Connecting to mail.levinphotography.com (POP3) Port: 110 Security: None 6/3 12:00:43 +OK...
  14. C

    "Error: need MAIL command" - can't send anything

    trying delaying the "email-" part of that address and then do a test email. Otherwise Stan may be able to help. Maybe provide your settings.
  15. C

    "Error: need MAIL command" - can't send anything

    Is your SMTP setting correct? Shouldn't it start with smtp. I see you have it starting with "email-smtp..."