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Yahoo/Hotmail/Gmail don't work in bounce handler


New Member

I used to send single bulk emails by paid SMTP service, but in MLM, "from address" is using my company email address. Their host are different. All bounced mails will be sent to my company email box. Boune handler works great in this way.

But I have a concern. Large number of messages show my company email address. Will this easily make my domain to be blocked or blacklist? Is my concern reasonable?

To avoid this, my way is to fill a free ISP emails on "from" area of MLM and my company email address on "reply-to" area of MLM. I tried hotmail, yahoo and gmail. MLM works fine. Problem is about bounce handler.

The bounce handler cannot even log onto yahoo or gmail. It cannot download message from hotmail (outlook.com) for most of time.

Is there any other email address that I could use for bounce handler (meaning "from" area" in MLM)?



Staff member
In MaxBulk Mailer have to tried to input an address in the 'Errors' field? This is the address where bounces will be sent.

iPhone Clue

New Member
Solution for GMail

I share my solution. This one worked good.

1. Sailing from IE, open GMail, search with the keyword you have more returned, for example: "mail delivery", “postmaster”, etc.
2. Select all the check box selections. Include not shown (over 100) in the length of message list screen.
3. Move those messages to an empty folder / label into the same Gmail account.
4. Logout from that account and close IE.
5. Find the folder that contains the messages on the iPhone email handler, in the part where you can see the structure of your GMail account.
6. Open the folder and select them manually from one to 100 messages, or more.
7. Move the all messages selected into the folder to the Inbox of another GMail account totally empty, registered into your same iPhone. That takes a little of time.
8. Without open it, run Email Bounce Handler, and extract all by using POP3. SSL v3.
9. Open that second account through IE.
10. Select all, delete all and empty recycle bin.
11. Repeat as necessary.

Moving messages through a few Gmail accounts into the iPhone is a very nice ability.

It worked for me.


Best Regards.



New Member
I close it down and open it up again and the old settings are there again. I would like to start again from scratch.????