where is "inbox" folder?


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Where do you find the "inbox" file to put in the email extractor window?
I have a "identity main" folder including 4 files, but no "inbox" file.
Thank you for help


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I am referring to the "inbox" mentionned in your menu:
I have a file named "Base de données" that I have transfered on my desk but don't see the extension ".mbox".
- Extracting e-mail addresses from Entourage:

If you want to process a whole Entourage mailbox, just drop it on your desktop first, Entourage will create a '.mbox' file (ex. Inbox.mbox') and then drag and drop this file over eMail Extractor.

If you would rather get a few selected e-mails to be processed then create a folder on your desktop, open Entourage and just drag and drop the e-mails to process from your Entourage mailboxes to this folder first and then drag and drop the whole folder over eMail Extractor.

In both cases eMail extractor must be set to merge results, 'Preferences' menu -> Merge multiple files results.

This way you will get a clean e-mail list from your Entourage.


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The file "Base de données" come from the French version of Entourage I use.
That's the conversion of Database.
This file is one of 4 included in the folder "User office 2004".

In fact, where is the file I have to drag and drop on my desk to obtain the .mbox file?
Thank for help