Verifier Says Bad but Mail gets thru


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I'm a little confused -
I built an email list - ran it thru verifier - let try 3 times.

Bad emails - I took this list and made a bad email list.
I opened the bulk mailer, imported this list and mailed a message to each of the "bad" addresses - I requested recpts.

about 20% of those emails got thru.. still waiting to see if more come thru.

What does verifier use to determine "bad". Are the false bads to be expected?

Thanks - John


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eMail Verifier simulates a mail delivery. In order for that to work you have to open the preferences, input your email address as the sender and deactivate the VRFY command. Did you do that? Default dummy email address should not be used. Then eMail Verifier simply marks as Bad the addresses for which it gets a response indicating the address is dead. Note that a server can accept messages tot these addresses. You will then get a bounce. A bounce can take up to 5 days to be sent. Not that if you are blacklisted, you will also get such errors. Sending messages to these addresses being blacklisted can cause a bounce or no error at all despite the recipient will never get the message.