verifier returns valid, but sending generates hard bounces


I exported a list of hard-bounced recipients from maxbulk email bounce handler.
Then I submitted the given recipients to maxbulk email verifier and it returns most of them as "valid" or "apparently valid" (green). Only a minor parta are marked as wrong (red).
Is this correct?
Should I remove all hard-bounced addresses regardless email verifier indicates them as valid / apparently valid?


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Re: verifier returns valid, but sending generates hard bounc

What error did you get for those addresses in eMail Bounce Handler? Are you sure they were hard bounces?

Anyway there are servers that never collaborate when you verify e-mails, they always say the addresses are valid. However when you send an message you get a bounce. A server can behave that way, nothing we can do to avoid that. It is explained here: Bad e-mail addresses are sometimes marked as valid. You will find more answers here: eMail Verifier FAQ.