Use Bounce Lists in Apple Address Book


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Hi everyone,

I have used eMail Bounce Handler to control the accuracy of my contacts' email addresses. I now have a csv file with all the hard bounces and was wondering how I could use it to update / delete directly within Apple Address Book.

Is there anyone who faced the same situation? Any built-in solution that I didn't see or figure out? Any tip? The other solution would be to export all my contacts from AB in a csv file to excel or FileMaker or something of that kind to confront the two lists and then reimport it, but I'd like to avoid that pain.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



Atelier Chambre

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Anche io ho lo stesso quesito: sono anni che uso i vostri programmi ed ora vorrei fare pulizia della mia rubrica con i file che salvo da eMail Bounce Handler. Come posso fare? Sono quasi 8.000 contatti da cancellare automaticamente sulla Rubrica. C'è un metodo veloce e sicuro? Grazie mille per la vostra cortese risposta e disponibilità.