URL not valid / Parse error


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I am trying to install MLM. The MaxBulk installer completes as expected. When I open statistics and check a mailing I am shown a message reading "The url is not valid." It then shows the url but tacked on the the end of the url is some sort of command that gets cut off. I can see .../lm.php?getclicks&pwd=admin&delive

Also when I open the email that was sent and click on any of the links I am taken to a page reading "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/couron5/public_html/scripts/lm/lm_strings.php on line 56". That line is the Spanish instructions for an error code. The code in English is "'en' => htmlentities( 'Error - You forgot to provide the list name parameter', $enc_quotes, $enc_charset ),"

Your help is very much appreciated!

Note: I am using Plain Text, not SQL


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I guess your URL is not correct. It should be the URL of lm.php on your server starting with 'http://'.

About your second problem, is the lm_string.php a file containing 902 lines and ending with '?>'?


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Yes it is 902 lines. Strangely it works now. I just deleted line 56 and re uploaded the file and it worked. I then re added the line and it still works.

The path was correct, but for some reason it adds that command onto the url...not sure why.