Upload to MLM does not work

Adrian Binggeli

New Member

i installed MLM new on my server, because it did not work to upload. But even after the update no luck.
Last time in december 2014 it still worked. Now i get the german error: Während des Hochladens der Liste trat ein Fehler auf.

Is there any Log or Debug function where i can see more what's happening?

Thanks for your help.

Sincerely Adrian

Adrian Binggeli

New Member
Yes unfortunately i can only do it by exporting the list, then uploading via the /lm/html/upload_list.php tool. But not directly form MBM. Via Empfänger/Hochladen zum MLM... it shows me the lists on the server (so the connection is okay) but when i choose a new list name or a existing list name an upload it responds with he error message: Während des Hochladens der Liste trat ein Fehler auf.

Any hint?


Staff member
Asking your web server support could help actually. They are chances it is a security settings that is causing the error. MLM uses an HTTP POST to send the list to the server. A server may dislike that and block the post.