Turn off flashing message


New Member
Can I turn off the flashing 'Drag'n'drop' message from a new window? If not, do you plan to stop it flashing in the next update?

Also, Extractor doesn't seem to cope well with exported vCards, but I haven't been using it long and I may be missing something. I exported a list of some 400 contacts and the result was 2 good addresses, 0 bad ones and 0 duplicates!


Staff member
Why do you want to turn that back? You can simply drag and drop your files to the application icon, it will close as soon as it finishes.

About second question I can't see any reason for that. VCards are text files so eMail Extractor should work however as VCard is already a standard format you could simply use MaxBulk Mailer dragging and dropping the VCards files to the recipient list.