True split transactions is essential


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I’m an old Excel user when it comes to budgeting my home economy. I decided to try ICash for a while and it’s a really nice program. But they way to register split transactions is quite a hassle compared when working in Excel or other account programs.

I read that it’s possible to group accounts but it means that I have to enter the whole transaction again (date, total sum etc). A similar transaction in Excel (from a regular shopping round) would look something like this:


This transaction only takes one line and you only need to enter the date and the withdraw account once.

I also read that it’s not possible to mix expenses with transfers. When you pay with your credit card in a shop it’s quite common to withdraw some cash from it at the same time. In Excel it would look something like this:

2006-11-22___+100____-600 ______+100___+200__+200

As I understand it’s not possible to do this in ICash.

Does anybody know if these features will be implemented in a future version?

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