Transaction 1.3


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Transaction has been updated to 1.3
This is a free release for registered users.

What's new:

[New] The 'All products' list now is expandable to display all products.
[New] Country ranking report.
[New] Product Ranking report.
[New] Refunds + Chargebacks chart.
[New] Clickable status bar displaying 3 types of information.
[New] 'Edit | Duplicate' menu allows easy transactions and expenses duplication.
[New] You can now have access to multiple databases moving it to the application folder.
[New] XML Back-up / Restore support.
[Upg] Charts include Total and Average.
[Upg] Database now uses standard Unicode UTF-8 encoding for all strings.
[Opt] Operations are now about ten times faster thanks to new SQL engine.
[Chg] Sales/Refund % rate added to status bar.
[Chg] Refunds and chargedback amounts are now displayed as negative values.
[Chg] Product and Transaction panels now accepts negative values.
[Upg] Customer name and country auto-fill when adding new transactions.
[Opt] Chart creation twice as fast.
[Opt] Possibility to backup files from the application on quit.
[Fix] Country not added when creating new customers in given conditions.
[Fix] Chart Y-axe legend now displays rounded aesthetic values.
[Fix] Transaction Import issue when lot of columns (>30).
[Fix] Refund and chargeback check boxes unchecked when no entry selected.
[Fix] Preset issue when importing from a file with more fields that the one define