This product is almost useless


New Member
You cannot browse a website offline with Web Dumper. At least, not like you normally would in web browser that's connected to the internet. No style sheet processing? That's ridiculous. How are you suppose to browse anything but basic html websites? Also, the file "mapper" doesn't seem to work very well. I tried all the different settings and either it was downloading over 10,000 files or it wasn't catching the entire website. This product gets a huge "thumbs down" from me. What a waste of money.


Staff member
Web Dumper does a really great job with simple and standard site (90% of sites). However Web Dumper has no Javascript interpreter nor cookie handling. As a result, complex pages are not always fully downloaded and you can't always fully navigate thru all pages without a bit of manual intervention. Anyway, most of the time you will never download a full site but a specific part that contains contents you are interested in. Also bear in mind some sites are extremely complex, use dynamic contents, external servers and so on. As an example try to download site. I guess it would take years. Or try, I am sure you will never have enough disk space for it.

About the file mapper, I think you are using wrong settings. You should reset to factory default and try again.

Also note that if you are not happy with any of our products, just ask for a refund.