Text size & Euro character


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I have two questions about text on Max Bulk:

First, when I compose a message with text sized 1 it is too small, and when I compose a message with text sized 2 it is too big. Is there any way to compose messages in an intermediate size (I mean not so small as size 1 and not so big as size 2)? If not, are you going to inlcude this option in next version?

The other question is about the Euro character. I have the same problem than an other user has described in this forum, and I would confirm if this trouble will be fix in version 5 and when will this version be available.

Thanks and sorry for my English, I'm from Spain



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The only way to avoid the size problem right now is to wait for v5. If I remember well it has been adjusted. Using HTML code is a good solution as well. U do not konw wjat the Euro character problem is. v5 will be released on october 17.