text/html: text missing


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I made an html site with the message I want to send. I cut and paste the html into the message box. Clients with HTML are seeing it fine.

However, no matter what I write in plain text, it does not appear in the email. Meaning, if I turn off the html in my email program, instead of the plain text i wrote, I get the program trying to modify the html into plain text.

So I get one big mass of text, rather than the 'formatted' (paragraphs) text I put at the top.

Currently I have:

Text for this email is now formatted for the non-html

<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">

I never see "text for this email is now formatted..." just the computers attempt at making my html plain text. I also don't see any MIME error message. I must be making a simple mistake, but I can't figure it out.

However, when I click on "Preview" I see the "text for this email..." without a problem.


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Entourage. is that the problem? Can anyone offer an online email source where I can test the text only option?


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Entourage is almost always a problem. It is an extremely buggy application. One of those bugs is the way it displays MIME messages with alternative text part. It simply renders the text in the HTML rather than using the alternative. It should do that when no alternative plain text is available only. It is once again Microsoft not following standards.