Subscribe Forms in HTML folder


Hello Again Stan,

Don't mean to barrage you with tons of questions but then again I have been accumulating these for a while and I do appreciate your help in resolving these.

Concerning the included Subscribe Forms in the html folder, I have succeeded in doing the minor changes to the single subscribe form where all I did what change the list name.

Now, all I have at my disposal is notepad right now.

1. I would like to know if you could include more of these forms with mbm.

for example

A) I would appreciate using one of these to enter and manage my list in my browser in admin mode without sending out confirmation emails to my subscribers each time.

C) I would appreciate one form to have the full twenty entries ready to me modified which shows all possible types of info; boolean, tel numbers, text, etc

2. I would also like a tutorial or a explanation page on how to add other form entries and modify them to my liking. (Keep in mind php is not easy for most people, including me if you tell me exactly what to change I can do that but not much more...)

3. I did try to change the multiple list form page but for each entry for example list1 appeared 3 times. I don't know if I should edit the names of the list only; all three of them or one of them or what.


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Ar those MLM questions? I asked because they are being posted in the eMail Extractor forum.