Still Error on "check for updates"


New Member
Hi again,

i just made the download of MaxBulk Mailer (5.0.2) and, still have problem of "check fo updates".

If i click on "Abou MaxBulk Mailer" it shows (5.0.2-US).

But when i click "check for updates" it show this message:
" New version 5.0.2 is now available. You are using version 0.0.0. This is not a free upgrade. Would you like to purchase this new version?"

What is wrong. didn´t you solve this problem?!?!?!



Staff member
We will fix that problem as soon as we can. Just use the feature ignoring the 'this is not a free upgrade' sentence. Actually you have one year (at least) of free upgrades ahead. The problem is not easy to fix as it comes from our compilers.