Statistics hangs when 2nd computer not connected


Hi Stan. We have a main machine (Mac 10.6.8 / MBM 8.4.6) that we send from. We have a secondary laptop that we also sometimes send from. Everything worked fine for years. But now the main computer has to be ethernet connected to the laptop in order to connect to the MLM Statistics.

The symptom (when the 2 computers are not connected) is that MBM hangs and throws up and error that it cannot find the IP address of the laptop. I then have to force quit.

As soon as that laptop is reconnected everything work fine, and MBM connects to our MLM server successfully.

Can you help me get MBM to stop trying to route through the laptop.

Thanks for your help, Stan.

p.s. Is it true that MBM 8.4.7 requires the an OS upgrade to Mac 10.7?


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Is it possible the problem is the 'File > Recent Documents' menu? If a file was on a local server and that server is no longer available it can make MaxBulk Mailer wait some time...


Cleared the Recent Documents, but that did not change the behavior.

I think I am onto the solution.
I took the file “Deliveries.log” and deleted everything but the past 2 weeks. That allowed Statistics to connect to the server and work properly.

So now I just need to take that original Log file and hunt down the rogue line(s.)

Q: Is it true that MBM 8.4.7 requires the an OS upgrade to Mac 10.7?


I was able to find & remove the rogue lines. :)

All the lines in Delivery.log were about the same length, except for about 10 that were much longer. I deleted those long lines and it works now. I suspect that those long lines were the “path” to the laptop. My hunch is that one time I opened up a networked (remote) file instead of a local copy of the file. So launching the statistics was getting hung up when that remote file was not there.

Please let me know if MBM 8.4.7 (and all all future updates) require an OS upgrade to Mac 10.7

Thanks Stan.