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Splitting transaction


New Member
Hi Stan,

I have a problem with splitting transactions.

I am using Russian version, so I will try to do my best to translate the labels to English.

1. I click split transaction in the right click menu on a confirmed transaction (checkbox on the right hand side checked).
2. I enter additional line (expense account, comment, amount) and click OK.
3. I can see transaction icon changing to a folder icon, transaction is collapsed, checkbox checked.
4. I expand the grouped transaction

5. Problem #1. I see my new transaction (that I entered in the split dialog) - NOT confirmed.
- If I check the confirmation checkbox and than remove the ckeck mark again, the grouped transaction gets unconfirmed, as one of the underlying transactions is not confirmed
- So I expect the grouped transaction not to be confirmed right after adding a new sub-transaction
- Reproduced on 7.5.5

6. Problem #2. I see wrong balance on the balance tab. Specifically the new unconfirmed transaction is not in the "awaiting confirmation" column in the balance table.
- Reproduced on 7.5.5
- I normally fix that by File - Service - Check Data... There are always errors after splitting transactions. Then press "Correct" and the new transaction appears in the "awaiting confirmation".

7. Problem #3. Is that "Check Data" is now much slower on 7.5.5. this is basically the reason why I decided to report. I am not comfortable anymore doing what I was doing.

8. Problem #4 (minor). I omitted project field in the splitting dialog. The field was marked "--" when I clicked OK. So the new transaction is added to a project "--". So it appears as "[--] Transaction comment"
- I expect transaction not to be added to any project in that case.

I am reverting back to 7.5.3 for the time being.


Best regards


Staff member
What do you call unconfirmed, unreconciled? Groups are just folders containing transactions, it is a 'visual' thing to call it some way. If it causes reconciliation problems you will have to tell me the exact steps I have to follow to reproduce the problem here. That would be ideal.

Check Data is slower because it performs more checks but I will see if we can enhance the speed. How many transactions do you have on your file?

I do't understand your last problem. Projects are tags, text tags. Can you give me again a step by step procedure?

7.5.5 doesn't modify any of the feature you report so I don't think reverting is the way to go.


Staff member
I will look at your screencast as soon as possible but I personally prefer a list of steps. The problem procedure reporting is explained here. This method has proved to be the best one over the years. Reproduce the failure in an empty file and take note of all the steps, then send that to me so I can do the same here.

About speed problems the problem is that iCash on longer uses Carbon libraries, it is now 100% Cocoa. Cocoa interface event handler is slower, this is a fact. The question is how to make it faster :-/ ... the problem you report is about scrolling a list. There is no code executed there, it is a standard Mac OS controls being scrolled. I don't see any speed change here because I use a fast computer. What computer are you using?


New Member
I actually posted the complete list of actions, observations and expectations in the initial post. I am a developer my self, so I did my best to describe the problem in the most algorithmic of ways.

I also reproduced all of that in an empty iCash file and recorded that into a screencast so that you can see what exactly I am doing.

What else do I need to do, Stan? :)

Regarding speed I replied in the other topic.


Staff member
Yes, a list of steps using an empty document is required. I am sorry, this is requirement! Using 7.5.5 of course. As soon as I can reproduce the problem with your list of steps I will look into it.


New Member
Hi Stan,

0. Create new iCash file
1. Create a transaction
2. Right click, select split
3. Ente additional line while not changing "Project" field and click OK
4. Expand the Group

- Bug #1. Group has checkbox checked, although the last transaction doesn't. Group should be "unchecked" (unconfirmed) as long as there are "unchecked" transactions in it.

- Bug #2. The transaction is now assigned to a project "--". It should not be assigned to any project, as you left the field unchanged.

5. Go to Summary tab.

- Bug #3. The new transaction (the one without checkbox checked) is not represented in the "awaiting confirmation" column (the last one in the table).

6. Go to File - Service - Check data... It will check the data and find errors.
7. Click "Correct" to correct the errors.
8. Go to Summary tab. Now the new transaction is visible in the last column.

Please let me know if the actions list I made meets the requirement.