Split Transaction

Jack Ouzzi

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Hi, New user :roll:

How can I split a single transaction (say for example £23.45 for Shopping - £20.00 Cash Back) with a receipt and subsequent bank statement entry showing £43.45? 2 seperate transactions the only way??


Jack Ouzzi

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Ooo apologies, I see a similar post lower down. My bank statement AND the receipt will not show the seperate amounts as it was one transaction with one card (shopping and cash back - in the UK) Should I raise a support ticket for you? (Single or double ticket :lol: )



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It depends. Previous ticket were wrong because the two transactions had nothing to do each-other. It is fine to group several expenses together, an invoice with taxes and things like that but not an expense and a withdrawal. At least current version lets you do it but total will be wrong.