sender not in rchost list


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No offense, but I find this product not very good. Having been unable to ever send one email ever, I just never bother to use it. I am now trying again. Despite my repeatedly putting in the correct info for my three various email accounts I can never get an email sent. I am sending ONE FRIGGIN email.

So I will try this forum as my last resort. Every time I send a test, this is what I get:

[01] 7/15 13:15:47 > MAIL FROM:<>
[01] 7/15 13:15:47 250 Sender accepted.
[01] 7/15 13:15:47 > RCPT TO:<> [1/1]
[01] 7/15 13:15:47 553 Sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts.

It is the same email that was just accepted in the line above.

BTW, the help button with this product has virtually no info, which I find the worse offense of all.


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Sender not verified

BTW, the emails in both response lines I just posted are the same, I made a mistake when I was hiding the real names.