Scheduler dates


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Transactions in the Scheduler currently only show the 'Beginning date', the date the scheduled transaction first starts on. It would be far more useful if there were a column called something like 'Next Due Date' and which could be set to sort by default in ascending date order so that you can see when money is going to go out or come in. Any chance of that making it into a upcoming version in the near future?

Even better would be if the impact on the balance after each scheduled transaction could be shown as a way of forecasting future balances. That would take more work than the first request so I guess would be for a later version. We definitely need the first request, though. Hope it can be done.

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Yes, you are right, it would be far more useful to get that 'Next Due Date' column rather than 'Beginning date'. I will look at it to perform the change.

About he forecast feature using the scheduler, yes, that will be implemented.