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Please clarify what the intent is with respect to rules. There are thousands of valid dns listings. What is the purpose of limiting the number of such listings so dramatically, especially since you are going to check them anyway via the verification process?


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The rules is to avoid wasting time with servers that will always respond addresses are good. From the manual:

"For some addresses, such as AOL, Yahoo, and other non-SMTP mail, you can't verify whether the address is good or not. You won't know definitively until some bounce. The mail server won't cooperate. In fact, a few ISP's mail servers are configured in a way they prevent anybody to find out if an email address is good or not sometimes to protect their customer email addresses from harvester tools. As a workaround eMail Verifier lets you add rules to mark email addresses as 'Good' or as 'Bad'. A default set is included. You can add/edit/remove rules at your convenience. For example rule #1 will auto-mark all AOL addresses as Good by default. No testing will be done on AOL addresses. We simply consider them all as good."

You can of course remove all the rules if you prefer however not only you will waste your time but servers like Hotmail may blacklist you.