RIP - PowerPC support has been dropped


Staff member
As the subject reads we will drop the PowerPC support in next Loan Calc release. That means Loan Calc will no longer work on old PowerPC computers, only Intel processors will be supported. The vast majority of nowadays Macs use Intel processors, almost 99%.

Apple has already dropped PowerPC support two years ago. The PowerPC platform was introduced in 1992, although the first PowerPC Mac didn't ship until March 1994. The last PowerPC Mac in production was the Power Mac G5, sold until August 2006. This makes some of the last PowerPC Macs just over five years old.

PowerPC users has become a tiny minority. More and more software is released Intel-only or Lion only and to say the true, the tools we use to build our products no longer support the PowerPC processor. There is nothing we can do about it. It's part of the computer evolution. While the hardware in a machine may still be good enough to do what one needs, the latest software and latest trends require a newer OS. A newer OS won't run on a given hardware therefore you have to buy a new (or newer) computer to keep up with the latest standards.

Sorry about that, last PowerPC (aka Universal) versions of all our products will be available on our software graveyard (forever).