rev & dept transactions with 2 taxes


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Hi Stanbusk,

Maybe it's why someone asked a "canadian" version...
We do have here 2 taxes on everything we buy or sell. More, one of these taxes apply on the other !
Good X buy or sell $ 100,00
federal tax (6%) $ 6,00
sub total $ 106,00
provincial tax (7,5%) $ 7,95
Total $ 113,95

Spliting transactions as you described is quite fine and clear for reports but we still have to enter 3 transactions for each and every rev. & debt.
Unless there is a way to automatise a split transaction after the first shot. (Am i missing something :).

"Simple comptable" from Accpac many year ago was able to do that so easily and many more for $60-70 (canadian dollards). No longer supported for Mac since 2000. Thousand of individuals and small associations were using it (and still but not for long, it dos'nt work with Rosetta).

Being able to;
define these taxes (name & rate),
define how they apply on the transaction
apply them to categories (as rev. & debt. , with exeptions)
I do have suggestions about these.

Am i dreaming ? :)))

PS Stanbusk, if you want to take a look to SC, let me know.
You still have the best piece of software, in my opinion, to fumble with number. Keep up the good work ! I am in the line for translation if you ever release a french canadian version !


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You can fill a feature request using our helpdesk. Please give as much details as you can and then we will see what we can do... As long as features are not too tied to a specific country, they can be added.