processing bounces with mysql


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Stan or anyone is there a way for me to have this exported list of bounces remove the addresses from mysql mailing list?

i am not a database person so i'm basically wondering if someone can tell me what the query would be to do this

also since MaxProg is the greatest at Mail software maybe design a mailing list too that hooks up to your bounce handler?

i'm using this and so far am happy

perhaps they have a way to process bounces but i'm not seeing that functionality ...they have import and export csv



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Do you want to remove those addresses form your mySQL database or just mark them as bounced setting one of the table field to some value?


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thank you Stan for reply ..... i found that in listmessenger i'm able to paste a list of email addresses separated by commas and remove them

i have no interest in keeping these emails on file or in database just want them out once they bounce

turns out that if we don't process bounces i'm a spammer so i was not aware of the seriousness of this issue

found out the hard way once my isp got banned from comcast, hotmail etc

i have one list that has no admin to it ....i know the mysql query to remove emails from it i just do that and will work with your bounce handler

i just export a file with commas separating from email bounce handler

my new host doesn't allow remote mysql so there is no way for your program to talk to it anyway

thanks again for response and great software...basically any soft or hard bounces from your bounce handler software i will be deleting from my lists


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I would love to know how to process a bounce list from eMail Bounce handler. I can delete emails one by one but the bounce list is 880 emails that i would like to delete from my remote list. I can even export the list from Bounc handler and use the upload page to unsubscribe. If I use the upload_list.php page then what would be the correct setting: Append, Overwrite, Delete?
Additionally, I am unable to see the list of unsubscribes in the stats. Luckily i placed a link in the email that has tracking so i can see the email that have unsubscribed that way however if there is a way to turn that on to see it in the stats pie chart it would be great.