Problems with MLM



I have had some problems with MLM so want to start afresh.

I have 7.6 and want this time to have the lists in the dbase.

I have setup the dbase and changed the /lm/ folder for the old install to /lm-NO/.

When I restart Max and try to install MLM, it crashes with the Xp wcrash menu. This has happened a few times and I have even reinstalled 7.6 and still the same.

Is there some hidden file in the Max which is telling it that mlm is already installed so it wont allow another install. If so I wouold need to delete this correct?





I did remove the previous installs of the /lm/ directory on my remote server and then reinstalled MLM this time with mySQL.

I created a new list and uploaded it, then added a new user to it. After trying to activate it, I got this page message in the browser..

Error: Subscription failure
We're sorry, but your subscription to the list(s) 'list1' has failed due to a server error. Please wait a while and try again. If the problem persists please contact us at [email address]

I am not sure how I can correct this or why it happened in the first place. Any help please?




Well afterb 5 hours and deleting and reinstalling Max I was able to set up the MLM, sort of.

I did get this message..

Database and table created successfully.

But then after a test mail out I got this..

[MLM] Error inserting record from TrackClicktoDB()
1146: Table 'longrow_MAXBulk.tbl_mlm_sub_clk_test' doesn't exist

After the test I did see the sent email in statistics as 'opened'.

One thing that has me beat is how does one change the Subscription Login to their own list name. I Keep getting 'you have subscribed to 'list1'.

Where do I make the change to my own list name?

I am so frustrated after so many attempts of working in the dark.

Is there anyone out there who knows how to install and run MLM very well because it is very confusing as the manual assume one knows all about it already. It needs to be done for dummies to this program.

I have spent more time trying to work this out over months than I have ever with any program I have installed and I am very computer literate and a professional webmaster!!

I notice others request this too.

Why force supporters to go through hours of torture.

The script concept is great but there definately needs to be a manual with troubleshooting and options which may be needed for different set ups.

The install manual stops at the actual install and if anything is the easy part. There is no actual setup or inititial run manual.

For example there should be a set of images for setting it up in 'Preferences' with all the options that could be needed.

I have bought this and every email program here for a few years now and am a big supporter, but please give us a break and get a decent

But for a start where do change the new subscription list name to my own list name instead of 'List1'?




Well after more time trying things, I found that in the Preferences Document tab it gives a list option which I am thinking has to be the list name to be used for uploads altho still not sur as I didn't see any change when I uploaded again using this..

I have taken some screen shots for help to others who end up in the same state as I am.

Maybe Stan or someone can make comment on them in a helpful way and offer more of them. A picture saves a thousand words...



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Wow, that's a lot of posts... what is your situation right now, I mean, what is the exact problem you have?


Sorry Stan, I was up to a in alligators and so frustrated after sepnding so much time tryimg to get it happening.

For a starrt I have just now opened up Max to do another mail out and just noticed 3 emails came in to me as admin, with this in them.

[MLM] Error inserting record from TrackClicktoDB()

1146: Table 'lonniele_MAXBulk.tbl_mlm_sub_clk_test' doesn't exist

I didn't do anything except open the list on the desktop and change the html message.

What does that message mean?