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Problem with uploading a big list to MLM Pro


New Member
I am trying to upload a 30000 email list to MLM pro. I tried text file and the upload only managed 3000 names. I moved to mysql database and again it took only about 5000.

The operation seems to time out. Is this the problem? What is the solution to this?

How can I upload the whole list into a text file or a database.

The database imports only csv file. Maybe some other sql operation is required to import into the database .

Please advise.



Staff member
Your server may limit the size of http uploads or the time a script can be running. If you have problems try to split your list into several chunks or ask your server administrator to increase the max_execution_time, max_input_time, memory_limit, post_max_size and upload_max_filesize paramaters in the php.ini file.


New Member
Execution time

When we use the upload list form to upload the list there is information there saying that the php interperter on the server has execution time of 1800 seconds. That should be more than enough. Then why the timeout.

Also noticed that the emails which were uploade into the database were somehow uploaded selectively by the database. Many emails were left out which were in sequence. Is this something to do with the formatting of emails eg lowercase or uppercase or using different characters.

Please help.


Staff member
Are you sure your file is the right format? Plain text tab delimited text? With the First name, Last name, Company and eMail Address fields in this order?


New Member
It was a text file with only email ids. I opened it in Excel created the other columns firstname, lastname, company,email and saved it as tab file.
This is the file I am using.

Is it the correct way?