Payee field missing in QIF Export


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I have noticed that the payee field does not seem to be exported when using the full QIF export feature. At least, when I've tried importing the resultant file into alternative programs the payee data is missing. Inspection of the file shows that the payee field is empty.

Is this intended behaviour? It looks like a bug to me.

The problem is I can see the transaction in new program but they are missing the payee data and therefore I'd have to guess who I paid by looking at the category data.

(I am looking at alternative programs simply because iCash's reconciliation feature is a bit weak: The documented menthod of using a query for transactions adding up to the reconciliation amount is both inaccurate and clunky and assumes all transactions have been entered correctly.

The best I have come up with is to manually search for matching transactions. But this is very slow. The reconciliation features in iBank and MoneyDance are much better - and are more like MS Money on the PC.

In all other respects iCash is good. If the reconciliation can be improved then I would have no need to look elsewhere and therefore the export wouldn't be a real issue.)


Staff member
You can fill a support ticket for the payee issue and a feature request for the reconciliation. Just describe how you would like to see it.