Outlook, multiple e-mails are ignored by the program


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Good day,

I want to buy eMail Bounce Handler, currently I'm using the trail version to test it first. It works great, but I encountered a problem.

I want to process about 300 e-mails in one time, they are stored in Outlook 2003. I can select multiple e-mails at once and save them in one text file.

I use this text file as input in eMail Bouncer. For a large amount of emails it goes smooth, but sometimes it just stops processing the file.

I've attached an example. It's one txt file with two messages. In total he have to detect 9 addresses. 1 Of the first email, 8 of the 2th. It only detects the first email.

What can I do to overcome this problem? Should I use anther way to save the emails from Outlook (how?), should I somehow edit the output file, or can I change a setting somewhere within the program?

Thank you very much. If I overcome this problem, then I'm quite sure I will buy this neat piece of software.

This is the file: http://virtual-life.net/meuk/outlook.txt


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In the bottom there is another email.

From: System Administrator
To: ton@hotmail.com; lauage@hotmail.com; clga@hotmail.com; rebilly@hotmail.com; llum@hotmail.com; moza@hotmail.com; morc@hotmail.com
Sent: Thursday, 28 October 2010 10:10 AM
Subject: Undeliverable: Greetings from YWAM Perth!
Yes, there is no content. With this kind of emails Outlook generates on itself a message on the screen.

When I put the quoted text in a separate e-mail, eMail Bouncer will recognize the addresses. When it's a party of multiple e-mails, then it will be ignored.


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If you need to extract emails you have to use eMail Extractor. What eMail Bounce Handler does is identifying and extracting the address that caused the bounce. The bounce says:
A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

    mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded
As a result henkjan@cscc.org.sg is extracted and the rest of the message is ignored. This is the expected behavior. eMail Extractor however would extract all the email addresses.


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Thanks for your response.

I agree, when it has the addresses it should ignore the rest of the e-mail. But in this text file are two e-mails included, not one. It shouldn't ignore the rest of the file, but the rest of the e-mail.
Most of the times that's how the software works. I have one text file with 300 email messages, the software succeed to get the addresses of the first +/- 70 emails, then it just ignores everything.

I will take a look to eMail Extractor. However I guess that all the "postmaster@blahblah" addresses will be included ass well then, because they are added to the headers.


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You are right, it seems to be the correct solution for my case. I bought the program. Tnx for your help.