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I have just purchased the software for extracting email addresses from my inbox emails. I use Outlook 2011 for mac and can not convert my emails into txt files. Is there anyway this software can be used with Outlook 2011? Please help as this is the only reason why I purchased!

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Ditto for me in terms of just purchasing. I followed the FAQ directions for importing Outlook messages and have gotten zero good addresses. The only thing Extractor returns is the number for bad addresses. I opened one of the emails (they are basically identical with Textedit and can read the file.

I've set preferences to merge as instructed. The funny thing is that I did a little better with the trial version and thought that I could succeed with the full one. This is certainly disappointing. The problem is that I can't afford the time to troubleshoot this. When I purchase an app, I expect it to work as advertised.

I hope someone has a good idea soon.



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Save the messages you need to extract emails from Outlook, then drag and drop the resulting file to eMail Extractor.


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I did what was advised in the FAQ, which seems like what you said. The only difference is that I didn't "Save", just dragged from an Outlook archive folder into a Desktop folder and then into eMail Extractor. Are you saying something different, or just advising me to do something I've already done?