Odd double list files


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Stan, something odd has happened. I can now import Korean-EUC files (thank you) into lists but I've noticed that after I create lists that are named in Korean, the next time I start up Bulkmailer, I now have two files: one at the bottom of the pop-up list that is in Korean and another at the beginning of the list that has the same number of characters as the Korean name except it appears with question marks, like so:


I must leave these files inside the list file folder in the Bulkmailer application folder or else I lose all data for the file. The Korean named list files seem to contain only tab-delineated column names like "opt 2", etc.

Do you have any idea what is going on here?


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I will release v5.0.2 tomorrow. That release includes a fix when using double-bytes list names. Perhaps it will fix your problem. The best would be to test that version tomorrow and if the problem persists then we will try to reproduce here.


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I just downloaded the new version. I had to re-import the data into the saved lists with double-byte names (which were empty) but, upon doing such and removing the older "??????" files, it works just fine.

Thanks again Stan.