Not all emails being deleted from MLM


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We use MLM to manage our mailing lists, MaxBulk Mailer to send our emails and eMail Bounce Handler to handle the bounces (all current versions).

Once we have sent an email we check the bounces and then export them into a txt file. We then use MaxBulk Mailer to try and delete the bad email addresses from MLM. The problem is that not all of the bad email addresses are deleted. For example, in a database of 13000 email addresses 800 were bad but when we upload these bad email addresses (with 'delete' selected in MaxBulk Mailer) only around 250 addresses are deleted. So we try again and a further 7 or so are deleted so we try again and none are deleted. We then cross reference the bad addresses with the database in MLM and there are still many bad email addresses in MLM.

If we try to upload the txt file with the MLM web interface then no addresses are deleted even though the txt file definitely uploads.

This is a regular occurrence, we can never delete all of the bad email addresses from the online databases. It's getting to be quite annoying.

I can give you further information if you need it, just ask.


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What version of MLM are you using? Is the file a plain text file? What encoding?