Not able to unzip downloaded .dmg MaxBulkMailer 4.4


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I am a happy user, in France, of MaxBulkMailer 4.3.1 (purchased Dec 2005) on Mac OS 9.2.
I have downloaded the new MaxBulkMailer 4.4 and receive the following file as a result : MaxBulkMailer_X_FR.dmg
This is a .dmg and not a classical .sit file

Unstuffit 7 does not unzip this .dmg
What should I do ?


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v4.3.1 was the very last Mac OS 9 version we have released. Since v4.3.2 MaxBulk Mailer doesn't offer Mac OS 9 support anymore. We have had far too many problems to port 4.4 to Mac OS 9 because of compatibility issues so finally we decided to drop Mac OS 9 support. v4.3.1 should work properly for you on Mac OS 9 until you decide to switch to Mac OS X.