Newbie, probably silly question!


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Is it possible to rename and reorder the list columns for different lists? Or are they fixed and the same for all -- First name, Surname, Company, E-mail Address, Opt 1, Opt 2, etc.

I have read all of what I think applies in the manual (and even some more!) but there seems to be no way to set these up as I like. Of course, I can do what I like with tags, but I would like to have the headings appropriate for ease of working with them, and I would like to have them different for different lists. For example, I email to colleges and universities as one part of my business, to small business, particularly retail, cor another, and to associations and societies for a third. Each has its own differing type of address structure.

Any way to do this or is this just not possible? :?:

Cheers, geoff

Geoffrey Heard
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Edit>Rename Tags (double click on the Value column to change the heading text)

I do think this only 'sticks' for each Mailing List (File>New)

Mailing 1:
First Name | Surname | Company | E-mail Address | Opt 1 (Address) | Opt 2 (Phone Number)

Mailing 2:
First Name | Surname | Company | E-mail Address | Opt 1 (Department) | Opt 2 (Title)

The first four fields are fixed, AFAIK.


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That's correct and if you want to rename tags for all the future mailings, do the renaming from the preferences.


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Thank you people! Oh dear, I told you it was probably a stupid question and that I had found renaming the tags. I did a trial renaming … but didn't notice that the result was a renaming of the column heads.

I know anno domini is taking its toll, but I didn't realize it was so dominant yet.

Many thanks -- I am up and running (but slowly).

Cheers, geoff