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Hello there

I am a new user in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

We are a small group of teachers that produce a monthly current events teaching unit for Canadian schools. About half our our customers receive the newsletter by mail, and the other 50% download it from our website. We have been using Emerge (Galleon Software) to notify teachers when a new pdf file is available for download, but this company is still not offering an OS X version (and I’m tired of waiting.) .

I have downloaded the Pro version of Max Bulk Mailer, but I have a few questions and concerns before I transfer all of our contacts over.

The first issue concerns a ‘find and replace’ function. When I imported contact info, if the field contained a comma then quotation marks appear at the beginning and end of the field. For example:

Box 10, 123 Main Street


“Box 10, 123 Main Streetâ€


Staff member
I don't understand well the Quotation mark problem. Where do you get them, on list? In which column are you importing that info? Commas are forbidden in 'Firstname' and 'Lastname' columns because they are used for the message 'To' header. Commas are forbidden there.

What contact info box are you using, the one you get double-clicking an entry icon?

About other data, you have 20 custom fields labeled Opt1 thru Opt20 you can rename and use the way you need.

I don't understand well either you pasting problem, how do you paste data? Direct on file?

And about last question, MaxBulk only sends thru a SMTP server, never directly, the reason is explained here


Hi Stan

And thanks for taking the time to respond.

(#1) re the Quotation mark problem. It is vital to us to send out our emails with the the full contact info in each email - so we need the tags. I have set these up in a file so that the teacher’s name, the school, the address, etc. appears at the top of each email (i.e .who the email is for.) The reason for this is that some small schools only have one email account, and the secretary needs to know that the email is for Mr. Jacob Jones. And sometimes a group of teachers will share one email account.

When I exported one of our data bases (tab text file) and imported the info into MBM, the quotation marks showed up in the address tag wherever there was a comma in the info - i.e. Address:(tag) = “Box 10, 123 Main Streetâ€


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The problem with the quotes is that they likely already exist in your original file. Have you checked that? You can send a sample to if you want me to check it.

I still don't understand #2 and #3.

About #2, is it the dialog you get when you double-clicking an entry icon? It uses standard one-line edit fields.

About #3, what do you mean with copying and pasting between files? Is it using the Finder? I say that because MaxBulk doesn't let you copy and paste full entries from one list to another.

And yes, screenshots would be much better, send them to