New user need helps to configure sales accounts


New Member
Hi all,

1st of all I'm a new user and I'm excited about this program it will help me organize all the stuff I've :)

Now... I'm setting my program accounts in order to start tracking my transactions... but here its my 1st question...

This is my idea to setup my sales accounts....

I want to track sales by customers and I'm doing sales trough monthly payments so.. lets see a user bought something for me:

Product 1, $200
Product 2, $300
Product 3, $400

Total Sale, $900

He will pay me in 12 months of $75 each

My question its regarding how can I set up my sales accounts in order to track sales by customer/products with payments in advance?

I think its posible and I just need to have an advice about how to setup this correctly so I can track properly my incomes/expenses by month.

Thanks in advance for your help and this great software!!