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Hello guys, I havent yet purchased this and just hopeing for clarification before purchase. All assistance appreciated.

At the moment Im trying to compile specialised email lists. For instance Im trying to compile a list of all Urban clubs (Hip Hop etc) based in UK. Im not sure it this program can assist doing same? For instance I went to a directory - which I saved page to desktop and then draged across to program. It listed 1 correct email address and about 1500 bad ones. I suspect the good email address was the address itself. I was hopeing it would extract all address within this site. Is this possible or did I do it incorrectly. If this program can do it is there another program which can?

Regards and thanks for assistance.



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Perhaps you should try Web Dumper. It allows you to extract emails from sites. You just need to activate that feature form the preferences.


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Thanks for help. I tried using same however maybe since I have purchased I couldnt go beyond 100 pages to where email addresses are stored. So does webdumber actually feed right through the various pages of the site and extracts all emails? Thanks