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I want to download only CBR and CBZ files from a site, however, these are not included in the list. How do I create a new file type to use as a filter?


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To add new types you have to edit the preference file with BBedit or TextWrangler. The file is labeled "Web Dumper Preferences" and it is located in the '~/Library/Preferences/Maxprog/Web Dumper/' folder. The etx_Map_Entry line is made of 9 fields delimited with tabs as follow:

etx_map(1) = FileDesc, the file type description
etx_map(2) = MimeType, the MIME type
etx_map(3) = Extension, the file extention
etx_map(4) = Local_Ext, again the extention but without the dot
etx_map(5) = MacType, the Mac type
etx_map(6) = MacCreator, the Mac creator
etx_map(7) = Active, '1' to activate this file type
etx_map(8) = Link_Parse, '0' to disallow parsing
etx_map(9) = str(Icon_ID), Icon ID

For example:

etx_map(1) = Powerpoint ppt File
etx_map(2) = application/
etx_map(3) = .ppt
etx_map(4) = ppt
etx_map(5) = SLD3
etx_map(6) = PPT3
etx_map(7) = 1
etx_map(8) = 0
etx_map(9) = 640

the full line should look like this:
/Etx_Map_entry=    Powerpoint ppt File    application/	.ppt	ppt    SLD3    PPT3    1    0    640


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Nice, just to let you know the post isnt showing up properly on my iphone - I think there is a plugin you can grab that takes care of that now.
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