Network Proxy Settings


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Web Dumper won't work if I input a custom proxy. It downloads 2 files and then it completes. There is a yellow exclamation sign to the left of the address. When I try to download files with my regular IP/Proxy it works just fine.

How do I make this program work with a custom Network Proxy?

Should I change the Network Bandwidth Settings?

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I'm inputting a standard HTTP Proxy and nothing happens. Can I see the error description anywhere?

How can I make an HTTP Proxy work with Web Dumper?


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You can see the Web Dumper logs in the '~/Library/Application Support/Web Dumper' folder. You can activate the creation of those logs from the Web Dumper preferences. To add support for proxies to Web Dumper we followed the RFC 2068 available here. The code we created passed all our tests.